The taralli

The Taralli of San Lorenzello are like no other similar type product, because we employ only artisanal methods in our preparation, using the most quality of ingredients which gives our taralli a distinct and unique flavor.

the freselle

This type of biscuit has been handed down by generations, and still used in the typical cuisine of the Campania Region. Its fragrance and particular flavor is both savory and lightly sweetened, and perfectly enjoyed as a breakfast or a snack. Thanks to its low caloric content, it can be a perfect alternative to bread when following one of a variety of diets.


Our bakery is not limited to the sole offering of savory treats. We offer a wide variety of sweet treats based on traditional and local artisanal methods, which satisfy everyone's palate.


Tender flour, yeast, extra virgin olive oil from the hills of the Sannio, pepper, and fennel seed; a few simple ingredients for a recipe that has been handed down for generations in San Lorenzello.

Genuine ingredients, free of additives and preservatives and the traditional methods of baking, guarantee the quality and long shelf life of each product.


Our artisanal bakery, or biscottificio, is a family business that was founded in 1995 in San Lorenzello, a small village of the Sannio, in the Campania Region of Italy. The rolling hills and lush green grass of the Sannio gave birth to our name: “Monte Erbano”.